How to Fix CPU Fan Making Noise – 5 Easy ways

cpu fan making noise

Noisy fans are not cool. Period. They won’t let you concentrate on whatever you are doing, the noise is irritating, and most importantly, a noisy fan indicates that there is something wrong with your PC. Whatever the case may be, you need to fix this issue at the earliest. CPU fans are placed inside your … Read more

How to Fix Diagnostic Policy Service High CPU Usage

diagnostic policy service high cpu

Before we get going with solutions to fix the Diagnostic Policy Service high CPU usage, we need to know precisely this service. It is a service that runs in the Windows background to ensure that the PC is working fine. This service is responsible for detecting and troubleshooting issues related to the components of the … Read more

How to Fix Runtime Broker High CPU Usage in Windows 10

Runtime Broker High CPU Usage

The RuntimeBroker.exe is a default Microsoft process that usually runs in the background and is responsible for carrying out essential Windows tasks. Although the process is an essential one, it sometimes causes issues that cannot be ignored. One of these issues is Runtime Broker High CPU Usage. If the Runtime Broker CPU Usage is high … Read more

How to Fix TiWorker High CPU Usage in Windows 10

tiworker high cpu

A process or a service utilizing high CPU resources in Windows 10 is quite a common occurrence. The TiWorker is one such process that often troubles users because of its high CPU usage. The TiWorker.exe process in Windows is a Windows Module Installer Worker process. It is associated with Windows Update, and you will usually … Read more

How to Fix System Idle Process High CPU Usage in Windows 10

windows 10 high cpu usage when idle

At times, Windows 10 PC faces unusual problems of certain process consuming high CPU resources. Most of the time, this issue is very temporary as the process comes into action to perform a certain task. But the process may continue with high CPU usage. This usually slows down the PC and, at certain times, won’t … Read more

Fix: Apps Won’t Open in Windows 10

apps won't open in windows 10

Unlike regular software that you install on Windows, Apps either come pre-installed with Windows or can be downloaded and installed through Microsoft Store. Although these apps have been designed to work correctly in the Windows environment, they may malfunction at times. One of Windows 10 users’ issues with the apps quite commonly is that the … Read more

Solved: Chrome Keeps Crashing in Windows 10

Chrome Keeps Crashing in Windows 10

Although Chrome is one of the most used web browsers globally, it comes with its own set of issues. One of the most common issues that users face is Chrome crashing unexpectedly. This problem may trouble you out of the blue, and when this happens, it could hinder your work, entertainment sessions, gaming, or whatever … Read more

How to Fix CPU Throttling in Windows 10

How to Fix CPU Throttling in Windows 10

CPU Throttling or Power Throttling or Thermal Throttling is a feature introduced by Microsoft to help manage performance and battery life in Windows OS computers. While throttling, the PC detects the programs running on your PC and only lets those applications consume system resources that you are actively using. While doing so, it significantly reduces … Read more

How to Change Password Hint in Windows 10

How to Change Password Hint in Windows 10

Windows developers have integrated the password hint feature across their platforms for the sake of their users’ ease. Most Windows users set password hints on their PC while setting up a user account or setting up a new Windows OS on their PC. Some users often leave the “password hint area” empty or even enter … Read more

How to Fix Chrome High Disk Usage in Windows 10

How to Fix Chrome High Disk Usage in Windows 10

If you use Google Chrome as your web browser on PC all the time, you must have faced the Chrome High Disk Usage issue more than once. Chrome has been notoriously known for this issue, and if you are in the same situation, you are not alone. This situation may occur when multiple tabs are … Read more