About us

Are you experiencing problems with your PC? Is it slower than usual? Does it crash sometimes? Or is it giving the gut wrenching blue screen of death?

PC diagnostics is the solution to most of your Windows and hardware related issues. This blog is your one-stop solution to educating yourself about what are PC diagnostics and how they can improve the health of your computer.

PC repairs can set you back anywhere from $50 to $150. This is just for repairs. If you end up needing to buy new hardware, the cost could be much higher. What if you could avoid these costs and give your computer a longer life? The simple answer for that is PC diagnostics.

Who We Are

We bring you reliable information that nails the issue on the head. We’re a team of expert technicians and editors with years of experience with Windows operating systems. No matter which version you use on your PC, we’ll give you the answers you’re looking for.

We ourselves have faced the common issues most Windows and PC users face. But we know how to solve them proactively and get the best out of Windows. What can we say, we’re big PC diagnostics geeks!

What We Do

Information is key in today’s digital age. Often people don’t even realize that they’re PC might only have minor issues and end up paying extra for repairs. Well, not anymore as we’ll help you maintain your machine regularly and fix it if push comes to shove.

Some of the key areas of focus for this blog will be:

  • PC Diagnostic Tools
  • Hardware Diagnostic Tools
  • Data Recovery
  • Windows Updates
  • System Maintenance

We will regularly update information for the latest hardware and Windows rollouts, so you never miss out on important changes and latest offerings from Windows. You’ll also get the chance to read real reviews of popular PC diagnostic tools. 

Why PC Diagnostics?

Here are some of the benefits of using diagnostic tools regularly:

  • Early fault detection
  • Error resolving
  • Performance improvement
  • Upgrade recommendations
  • Compatibility check

Contact us if you have any feedback or topics you’d like us to cover.